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Co-op Stealth Base Raiding OR Trap-laden Basebuilder with Godlike Powers? Coordinate with your team of Infiltrators OR Protect the world you built in this 1v5 Asymmetrical game of Cat and Mice. Which role will you take on? The Power is in your Hands.

Game Name
Asym Altered Axis
PC (Steam)
MIXI, Inc.(Based in Tokyo, Japan)
Release Region
World Wide
Release Date
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It’s a HEIST! Team up with up to 4 other players to infiltrate the Protector’s World. Steal their precious Nexuses! Be wary of hidden traps and sentries that anticipate your arrival. Will you succumb to the Protector’s machinations?​
Attention! Infiltrators are attempting to steal your Nexuses! Laden your base with traps and sentries. Design kill boxes to funnel those who haplessly enter your domain. Use your mighty powers to dispatch those that dare invade!


Asym is a digital realm created as an escape from a dystopian reality. These utopias are manifestations of a mysterious finite energy source called Cells. Nexuses are the amalgamation of Cells that turn abstractions into reality. Infiltrate a world with your 5 member squad without alerting the godlike Protector, or defend your home from the thieving parasites. Players can join a team, or protect their world solo. Collect cells and perfect your world.



Logo & Key Art

In principle, all logo files must be used as-is and without alteration or modification.

It is prohibited to add animations or effects (expansion, rotation, decoration, etc.) to the logo.

About The Developer

With the purpose of enriching communication and inspiring moments of joy, MIXI is committed to providing enjoyable communication services for friends and families, including mixi, Monster Strike, FamilyAlbum, and TIPSTAR. We place User Surprise First at our core and focus on promoting deep and meaningful connections rather than simply increasing the quantity and frequency of communication. Through this endeavor, we believe we inspire deeper, richer communication in the world.